Why Rental Real Estate is a Smart Investment Vehicle for Your Retirement Plan

Many people were programmed from a young age to funnel their hard-earned money into stock market-based retirement funds, with the end goal of living off the investment gains once they stop working. In contrast, other individuals realize that this traditional way of saving for the future is not the best financial path to take, especially with Wall Street being as risky and volatile as it is. Considering this, you may want to increase your knowledge base by learning about an alternative option to the 401(k) and traditional IRA retirement savings plan, which is utilizing rental real estate as an investment vehicle.

I’d like to begin with a quick answer to a question that I’m often asked, one that actually prompted me to create this article:

Are rental properties a good retirement investment? Rental real estate is an exceptional investment vehicle for those saving for retirement. It safeguards your funds against economic downturns and the volatile stock market, as well as preserves your wealth by being an incredible hedge against inflation. It also provides steady cash flow and amazing tax benefits, and allows you to control your funds by investing within a self directed IRA.



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