Freedom Number Program

  • Every new client should begin in this program
  • Establish your purpose driven goals and discuss with our team
  • Review your personal net worth and all pertinent financial information
  • Compute your freedom number
  • Learn about all programs offered and establish a plan forward

1031 Exchange Program

  • Interested in learning how to avoid capital gains tax
  • Looking to purchase performing assets in top growth markets in exchange for current portfolio
  • Interested in making a switch from commercial to residential real estate
  • Seeking investments that will offer a better return on investment and wish to diversify
  • Interested in exchanging an investment property that you currently manage for a more “hands off” investment opportunity

Self-Directed IRA Program

  • Interested in protecting your retirement savings from market volatility
  • Looking to protect your money against inflation
  • Interested in accelerating your returns with double digit growth potential
  • Tired of paying hidden fees
  • Wanting to take control over your retirement plan
  • Interested in learning how to self-direct one of the following types of retirement accounts into real estate :  Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s; Solo 401(k)s, Sep IRAs 403(b)s, Qualified Annuities, Profit-Sharing Plans, Eligible Deferred Compensation Plans, Keoghs

Portfolio Program

  • Interested in large portfolios starting with $300k down
  • Looking to access a pre-approved portfolio lending
  • Interested in cash flow on day 1
  • Seeking large tax savings and write off options

Cost Segregation Program

  • High net worth clients interested in more tax write offs while adding performing assets to your portfolio
  • In need of offsetting capital gains on your own deals
  • Interested in investing in at least one property per year for tax advantages
  • Interested in up to 40% cash on cash returns in your first year of ownership
  • Would like to learn more about accelerating depreciation, turning your tax dollars into equity

International and/or Non-Recourse Program

  • International investors seeking a method to purchase investment real estate in the US using financing
  • IRA Buyers interested in using non-recourse financing inside your retirement account to purchase real estate
  • Individuals with poor credit history interested in using financing for real estate investment
  • Interested in a loan with a low risk factor
  • Looking for a method to reach your freedom number faster

Partnership Program

  • Wish to partner with a business partner, friend or family member for investment opportunities
  • Interested in making the same ROI with less money down
  • Looking to build a larger portfolio
  • Ready to invest but need a method with less money down