Your partner in creating lasting, 

generational wealth.

The first step is the hardest part, we’re glad you’re here. We keep it simple so you can use your time for the more important things in life.

Providing for you and your family is a full-time job. Let us lighten the load. We shape your retirement future around realistic, goal-driven investment plan.

IRA Account Coordinators

We will coordinate account setups for investors at every step of the way. Self-directed IRAs allow you to grow your wealth exponentially in a tax-deferred/tax-free environment.

Strategy & Planning


We find alternative assets for you in emerging markets.


Simple acquisition process


Cash flow from Day 1


You’re now a passive investor, watch your investments grow

We are educators first and foremost of becoming truly self-directed. Controlling your wealth and well-being are the cornerstones of success. Our company offers a number of different self-directed IRA  options for you to get started.

Pinpointing markets for maximum growth are our speciality. We offer turnkey investment options for investors looking to own alternative assets within their portfolios. Our non-recourse financing allows for the perfect vehicle to leverage your investments and gain maximum returns with three streams of revenue.

Our investments are completely passive. Don’t lose any more sleep worrying about the volatility of the stock market or low rates of return. All the benefits owning deeded real estate without any of the hassles.


"It has been very passive, and sometimes I forget I even have the investments until Josh will call me once a month and say, “Hey how are you doing, wanting to see if you have any questions”.  Then I remember, oh yes I have all these properties."
- Hugo G.
"I didn’t have enough money in my Self-Directed IRA to own the property 100%, which I thought was going to be a complicated mess and good ole’ SDIRA Wealth and Justin just walked me through it and said no, it won’t be a problem. So it just was this “Wow this is an easy process”. Every time I had questions I could send a quick email or make a quick phone call and have all of my questions solved."
- Elizabeth C.
"It couldn’t be easier as far as being a property owner. It’s as hands-off as you’d like it to be. Everything is taken care of, it’s a very nice way to become invested in real estate in a passive manner. It’s as easy as owning a stock, a bond, or an IRA. It’s completely hands-off because I’m very time-constrained working full time."
- Alexi M.
"I saw my 401k wasn’t doing much for me, the stock market goes up and down. I could see my growth and I wasn’t making much. I received a portfolio for SDIRA Wealth and they showed me what their marketing was and what they had to offer and in the long run in 5 to 10 years what I would make. There’s no comparison, I’d be making a lot more money and that’s what I’m looking for."
- Roberto G.
"It was something that I did because I felt comfortable investing my money, and I also felt comfortable in that it didn’t feel like a huge risk to me."
- Kacie E.
"I worked with SDIRA Wealth to invest in a turnkey rental property. They impressed me with their superior level of customer service, professionalism and ethics, their knowledge of the property, the process for obtaining it, its market and the cost and cash flow opportunity. They focused on understanding my investment interests, goals and risk tolerances and matching them with an investment opportunity. I look forward to doing business and investing with SDIRA Wealth again!"
- Greg S.