Frequently Asked Questions ?

How do you make money, what are your fees?

We are able to purchase and develop our new construction properties in bulk. This allows production in higher volume vs. higher margin. This also allows us to offer more services and benefits to our clients without charging additional fees to have access to our team and products.

Where are the properties?

We always focus on landlord friendly states with the highest job growth and lowest vacancy rates. Each of our markets are studied for at least 12 months prior to beginning our lengthy development process. We operate in 14 states and over 40 cities.

What are my financing options?

Over the past 20 years we have formed relationships with over 60 different lenders. We offer every type of financing to allow our team to customize the right portfolio to meet your needs. We offer conventional financing, portfolio financing, International financing, IRA financing, and non-recourse financing.

Can I see a list of properties?

Our goal is to create the best possible experience for our clients. Over the past 2 decades we have built relationships with our clients so we can best understand their needs and how to best serve them. Once we know where we can add value and what solution will make the greatest impact we then will customize a portfolio that will meet your needs, this is when we showcase the properties available.

How do you trust the property management team?

We have put in hundreds of hours with the management teams before they ever manage a property for our clients. We also have someone from our Customer Service team meet them in person to see how their operations run day to day. One of the perks for us is creating a bit of competition between the management teams creating even better rates for our clients.

How do you get such a low interest rate?

Completing thousands of transactions has allowed us to build strong relationships with banks that know our product and process. This also creates a competitive advantage between lenders who are looking to earn our business. We have a dedicated team working with these lenders to bring those rates to our clients.

What is non-recourse financing?

Non-recourse financing is a loan that is secured by the asset itself, meaning the property not you or your company. You as the borrower are not liable which therefore lowers the risk. The property itself represents the collateral thus securing the loan for you as the investor.

What if I default on a non-recourse loan?

As with any mortgage if you do not honor the scheduled payments the bank can act on the asset. The bank cannot hold you liable but can claim the property.

What is a self-directed IRA?

This type of IRA is no different from a regular IRA except for what is in the name, self-direction. You get to direct your funds through the custodian into investments outside of the market alone. Through a self-directed IRA you have many alternate asset classes including real estate investment, which is what we have built this company on.

Can I manage the property myself using this method?

No, that is a clear rule with self-direction in real estate, you are not allowed to provide any service directly to your property nor manage it.

Can I go see the property?

Yes of course, but this is not required. Our clients want a passive investment where everything is done for them. Our team sets up everything for you so you can invest from out of state or even out of the country.

What is all of this going to cost me?

One of the benefits of working with our team is the fact that we produce in high volume which allows us to negate extra fees for you. We are an educational company and we believe in financial intelligence. All we ask in return is to take time to educate yourself on strategies we offer and have an understanding of the value and benefits we can provide.

Can I get my own inspection?

On our new constructions properties our team, the city, the property management and the lenders provide close examination prior to closing. You are always welcome to complete your own inspection as well.

How much do I pay for property management?

One of the benefits of working with our team is our ability to pass on a lower rate to our clients based on our high volume with the property management companies. Each management company lays out their fee schedule which can include a lease up fee covering the costs of obtaining a new tenant.

What lender should I use?

Depending on the property and location we have banks lined up that already have an understanding of the properties and strength of the market. As a full service company we are able to provide you with a connection to these lenders that offer competitive terms.

What will be my down payment on a conventional loan?

The down payments are averaging 20%-25% of the purchase price depending on credit. This may be a bit more depending on the property size.

What if I have poor credit?

The loan under non-recourse financing is only based on the property not your personal credit. This is not a factor when using non-recourse financing.

How are you able to get these properties approved for non-recourse?

SDIRA Wealth has been able to establish long term relationships with over twenty non-recourse lenders who underwrite our properties. Decades of experience and development of quality properties have solidified these existing relationships.

Why have I never heard of self-directed before?

Since 1974 investors have been able to self-direct their IRAs. Most financial advisors offer investment in stocks, bonds and mutual funds which in turn allows them to make money. Public education on self-direction is lacking but our team is committed to changing that awareness.