Achieve financial freedom through the power of real estate investing.

We make real estate as easy as a stock.

The traditional way of investing is broken.


70% of Americans will not have enough money to retire.



In the last 40 years the average 401k return is 1.8%



75% of Americans over 40 are behind on saving for retirement.



56% of Americans have less than 10k saved for retirement



You could be investing in Real Estate inside of your IRA

Earn Income

Own Real Estate without having to deal with

1. Finding tenants

2. Dealing with maintenance

3. Performing lengthy due diligence

4. Always being on call

Real Estate in a way you have never seen before.

Backed by over 30 years of experience, over $500 million in residential real estate transactions, 16 states, and 60 cities across the country, we have truly changed the way thousands of clients look at retirement investment and planning for their families future.

A full-service solution that is hands-off for you.

With our strategy, you take ownership of individual assets with the same level of passivity as a stock or bond. All the legwork is done, and you can enjoy the benefits of real estate without the headaches.

Our properties have pre-screened, quality tenants already in place. This translates to immediate cash returns from day one.

We secure non-recourse financing on all of our inventory. That means you’re qualified to buy without U.S. credit or any application process.

Our award-winning client services team keeps this investment as passive as having a financial advisor manage it. We are with you from purchase to sale.

Non-Recourse Financing

Non-recourse financing is a loan that works on the principles of having collateral. In this instance, it would be real estate, in which the borrower is not personally liable. This means the loaner is loaning on the property in question ONLY. It is an excellent way to use leverage because you can use your IRA or 401k and you are not personally liable for the loan.

More traditional avenues for financing are unavailable to the retirement account because those mortgages are based on individual qualifications and the recourse for those mortgages are to the individual. There is no application process or qualification requirements for using this financing. SDIRA Wealth is the only company in the country with pre-approved non-recourse financing on every one of its properties.

Our Process

1. Open an account to purchase (if necessary).

2. Select a portfolio best suited for your needs.

3. Approve purchase paperwork.

4. Close and take ownership of the asset(s).

5. Experience our award-winning client services team.

6. Start generating income immediately.

“It was kind of a turnkey operation—a hands-off turnkey operation. That’s what I’m looking for. I’m very busy. I’m in the real estate business myself, so I wasn’t looking for something I had to nurture or oversee. I wanted something that I could trust these people [with] and that I could just kind of let go on cruise control.”

– Bill H.

“My main driver was to diversify out of the stock market… Secondarily I would like to have an alternative stream of income as I get into retirement years.”

– Alexi C.

“It just was this sort of ‘wow, this is an easy process.’ And every time I had questions I could send a quick email, get a quick phone call, and have all my questions solved and answered.”

– Elizabeth C.

We provide long-term support so you can have the benefits of real estate without the headaches.

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