About SDIRA Wealth

SDIRA Wealth was founded by people who believe in a revolutionary retirement investment strategy. We’re using real estate and finance to accelerate and increase returns for our clients through the “SDIRA Wealth Solution.”

Our Mission is to empower people to move beyond the status quo and achieve their retirement goals by creating the best possible experience with SDIRA Wealth.

SDIRA Wealth has been proven over 20 years of experience and more than $1 billion in residential real estate transactions across 42 cities nationwide. We’ve transformed the way thousands of clients approach retirement investing and planning for their families’ future.

Want to know how we do it? The secret is we’ve spent decades building an amazing team full of talented and hardworking professionals who are passionate about empowering our clients and restoring control over their finances.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our teammates…

General Contractors play a huge role in the quality and timeliness of our construction, and our electricians, plumbers, and tradesmen are all licensed with years of experience and expertise.

Liaisons are always available at our corporate office and deal directly with 15 different property managers around the country and coordinate with several other specialists on our team on behalf of our clients.

Banks play a huge role in our process, which is why we’ve worked hard over the years to establish strong relationships with several of them. They manage the underwriting of all of our properties and offer mortgage financing so you can leverage your capital.

Custodians create custody assets on behalf of retirement account owners (we’ve worked with 30+ in total and have streamlined the process with them).

Property Tax Appeal Specialists file tax appeals with local county assessors on behalf of our clients to keep property taxes from cutting into cash flow.

Architects create beautiful floor plans for our new construction properties and lend their expertise on major renovations for our rehab projects.

Property Managers have been vetted carefully and take care of the dirty work involved in managing your rental properties so you don’t have to.

Acquisition Specialists source everything for us… from the markets we choose and land we develop to the rehabilitation projects we decide on.

Asset Protection Specialists help set-up LLCs and other entities that offer protection from the liabilities involved in owning rental real estate.

Cost Segregation Engineers study how to accelerate depreciation so our clients can take advantage of tax codes and reduce their tax liability.

Rehabbers can take a property that needs serious TLC and transform it into a fresh, beautiful home that’s ready for new tenants and owners.

CPAs who specialize in real estate help educate our clients on all the techniques they can use when investing in real estate.

Attorneys are a powerful ally, which is why we only team with top professionals who specialize in real estate investing.

Closing/Title Companies we work with underwrite all the necessary documents prior to closing your purchase.

Private Lenders offer trusted resources who give us the ability to finance large-scale development projects.

Developers can make or break new construction, so we worked hard to find the best new build specialists.

Operations Specialists make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed throughout the process.

Administrators take care of all our administrative tasks for both custodians and trust companies.

Expeditors help us out by dealing with the permitting process for new construction or rehabs.

Civil Engineers help us handle anything to do with zoning, site surveys, etc..

The most important member of our team is YOU, our client. You allow us to keep serving people who still need us and anyone who hasn’t had an opportunity to educate themselves or utilize this kind of solution. Your experience with SDIRA Wealth gives beginners the confidence they need to take action on their freedom number plan.