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Investing Solutions for every situation

We listen to your goals and build a customized solution based on your current situation.

Ongoing financial EDUCATION

We provide the resources you need to increase your financial intelligence.

Unparalleled customer service

Your happiness is our priority and we commit to giving you the best possible experience.

"Over 20 years of experience have shaped our properties, process, and service so you’re getting exceptional value every step of the way."

High-quality properties in the
nation’s top rental markets

High-quality properties in the nation’s top rental markets

A proven path to long-term wealth

Our real estate developments provide investors with the #1 asset class for building long-term wealth. All of our new construction rental properties:
  • Are built in the nation’s top rental markets in landlord-friendly states
  • Sell at or below market value
  • Come with built-in financing
  • Are cash flow positive
  • Include free, ongoing customer service 
  • Provide four streams of income
Our mission is to educate and empower people to reclaim control over their finances, trading the status quo for true financial freedom.

What We Offer


Operating in 15 states, we research and build in high-growth markets, ensuring a successful foundation for our clients’ investments.


We offer an exceptional mix of money-saving incentives, bulk benefits & pricing, financing at negotiated rates, scaling opportunities, and ongoing support & education.


We’re the only full-service company that provides everything – a customized plan, exclusive access to inventory, and all the benefits of our unique approach – for free.



Laurie & Ken Z

“I used a Self Directed IRA to purchase 3 properties. My SDIRA value keeps going up and I am getting great returns even through COVID and all this inflation. I am happy this is part of my portfolio is now protected. Unfortunately my stock portfolio didn’t do to well. If I had to do it over again I would have started with more but I am happy I am diversified.”

Jason T

“I purchased properties in 2001-2003. My real estate portfolio is worth over 2.8million and was able to leave my job in 2018. Would not of been possible without investing in real estate. Working with a real estate development team with exclusive properties made it even easier over my journey.”

Prasad M

“SDIRA Wealth was able to help me acquire the right number of properties I needed to reach my freedom number. They work with hundreds different lenders for every type of investment I needed to make. The only thing I wish is that I started sooner. Highly recommend.”

Dwight P

“I have converted most of my portfolio to the new construction properties SDIRA Wealth builds with a 1031 exchange. Way less maintenance and vacancy than rehab properties. Plus they are in the best growth markets that are landlord friendly.”

Heather M

“I invested in many homes on my own. I like how much time SDIRA Wealth saves me with an experienced team and process in place. I don’t have to do any of the leg work and get to save time to do what I enjoy. I enjoyed meeting the team during our property visits!”

Doug H

“I saved 220k in taxes last year. I did even know about the cost segregation tax strategy until I had a call with your team. I recommend it to all my friends that are business owners that are making higher income! SDIRA Wealths properties are designed to get the max tax write offs with this strategy. Super happy with my investments!”

Daniel K

“We just got back from a site visit to see properties and meet the team. Very professional and great experience! Thank you SDIRA Wealth!”

Harish R

“I understood that over 80% people in the US won’t have enough money to retire. I didn’t want to be another statistic and have to keep working in my retirement years. I worked with SDIRA Wealth and built a 2mm portfolio that boosted my net worth and will pay me enough a month so I can enjoy more time with my family.”

Dennis P

“I work with some of top tax advisers in my state and SDIRA Wealth has tax programs that focus strategies made for high net worth people like myself. I add properties every year just for their cost seg program!”

Erik T

“I just completed a 1031 exchange and SDIRA wealth made the whole process simple and fast meeting all my deadlines. They have helped me save a lot of Taxes while keeping more money in my pocket!”

Nathan K.

“Having ability to pick from a preferred list of property manager’s was very convenient! They are very responsive and we like getting our statements through the Appfolio software.”

Paul M.

“In the past I have invested in rehabbed properties. With SDIRA Wealth they focus on build for rent new construction investment properties. I have seen in the past 7 and half years of holding the property way less vacancy and maintenance then my older rehabbed properties. I am already on the waiting list for my next property.”

Nationwide operations headquartered in Texas

For over two decades, SDIRA Wealth has built a remarkable reputation for providing high-quality properties in the nation’s top rental markets.

The expertise as developers has led to the sale of nearly $2 billion dollars’ worth of properties across 15 states.

Their track record speaks to their commitment to providing investors with exceptional investments and service.

SDIRA Wealth’s expertise has made their top-quality new builds highly sought-after and lucrative for their clients.

Known for their integrity and reliability, SDIRA Wealth’s services remain in high demand among all investors.


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