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Nasdaq Closing Ceremony

Do you see the irony in Nasdaq promoting alternative investment strategies. In case you missed it, SDIRA Wealth was part of Nasdaq’s closing ceremonies for February 22nd, 2016. To be recognized on this large a scale is something we have strived for since day one. It has been such a prestigious honor for SDIRA Wealth to be a part of this celebration. We would like to thank all of our supportive clients and hard-working team that made all of this possible.

The volatility in the stock market is something SDIRA Wealth seeks to combat daily by providing investment options that are much more stable than trusting in the market. With changes happening minute by minute, wouldn’t you like a strategy so passive you’d only get statements once a month? SDIRA Wealth allows for investing that’s easier than stocks without all the risk.

Think Realty Award

We’re honored to be awarded Think Realty 2016’s Innovators of the Year for Investing. To quote the award committee, “In its inaugural year, the Think Realty Awards of Distinction are being presented to companies and individuals that have proven themselves to be stellar role models and leaders based on their sound business practices, high ethical standards and dedication to moving real estate investing forward as a respected industry niche and avenue for wealth building.”

This award is the culmination of our combined efforts at SDIRA Wealth. We credit our passion to provide investors with education and tools that streamline the investment process. Education takes top priority at SDIRA Wealth and with our ebooks, webinars, portfolio walkthroughs we’re able to effectively showcase the difference between typical stock investing and alternative asset investing. This award means that our endeavors have not gone unnoticed whether it be from our clients or the general public. We are very humbled and pleased to be honored with 2016 Investing Innovators of the Year.

Chicago Innovation

Wealth Manager is a first of its kind investment resource developed to ease the day-to-day difficulties of managing investment properties, and to help preserve, protect and enhance the owner’s investment. Developed by SDIRA Wealth, a Chicago-based real estate company focused on helping individual investors enter the real estate investment market, Wealth Manager makes investing in real estate as easy as investing in traditional stocks. This online portal is designed to help investors manage and oversee their SDIRA Wealth properties from the comfort of a computer or mobile device. The tool allows the investor to understand exactly where their money is going, by tracking property upkeep and even screen tenants.” – via Chicago Innovation Awards Hall of Fame

The People’s Choice Award is awarded to the Top 100 Chicago Innovation Awards finalist who receives the highest number of votes through an online popular vote. Over 40,000 votes were submitted for the 2015 award. A full list of Chicago Innovation Awards winners is available online.