Deloitte announces 850 information technology jobs in Orlando

The multinational accounting and consulting firm Deloitte is one of the latest companies with plans to bring jobs to the Orlando area. The firm has announced it will be hiring for 850 information technology positions. This marks a growing trend of competitive firms looking to establish a presence in the region, according to Dave Porter, Senior Vice President of Business Development with the Orlando Economic Development Commission.

via WMFE 


“The fact that we won an expansion of Deloitte, Orlando is getting on the map as a place to do business and to bring technology jobs,” he said.

The latest figures from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity have Orlando leading the state in job creation. More than 45,000 private sector jobs have been created in the past year across sectors by firms like Deloitte, the human resources company ADP, and advanced manufacturers like Thales Group, an aerospace company that creates the televisions in airplane seats.

Porter said these companies are coming because of the cheap cost of doing business and the easily accessible talent from the more than 500,000 students at nearby colleges and universities.

“These schools are producing some of the best talent on the East Coast—and it’s affordable,” he added. “Florida is always ranked as one of the best places to do business, and these are good paying jobs.”

This is expected to be an overall win for the economy as higher salaries mean more disposable income that filters down through the service sectors.

Unemployment in the region has dropped by 0.2 percent in the past year.